Add a New Page

  • Click on the Pages and Files link at the top right of the page

Pages Link

  • The list of wiki pages appears. At the top left, there is a button to Create a New Page:

New Page

  • Click the New button to reveal a drop down menu; select Create a new page
  • In the window that appears, name the file, choose “Use a template,” and then choose the “Seven Horizons Timelines Template”

Create Page

NOTEIf you do not see the “Page Content” items as shown above, click on the link that says “more options” right below “Name your page.

  • A new page will appear with the template headings. Fill in after the headings.
  • Assign tag words (which helps searching and categorizing the topics), by clicking on the “Edit tags” link at the bottom right corner of the edit window. When you click “Edit tags,” a large list of tags that are already in the system will appear below. Add existing tags by clicking on the words in the list. Add tags that are not in the list by typing them in the field. The tags that are highlighted in dark blue are already added to the page.
  • When you are finished, click the “Save” button.